Roller shutter box for wood construction

ECO LINE: The only roller shutter box that is made entirely with state-of-the art wood based material

External venetian blind boxes & roller shutter boxes for sustainable building projects

ÖKO LINE: PRIX Rollladenkasten aus Holz

ECO LINE roller shutter box: For those who build sustainably

The only roller shutter box made of 100% wood

The ECO LINE is the only roller shutter box / external venetian blind box made of 100% wood fiber materials. Specially developed for timber construction, it is purely manufactured from renewable raw materials. Suitable for all who care about sustainable building.
Looking for a shutter box for your construction project? Whether it’s for a single-family home or office building, for a new construction or renovation, PRIX ECO LINE has all advantages in the box.

Highlights of the ECO LINE wooden roller shutter box


Ecologically efficient design specially suited for the construction of wooden houses.


The box system has great flexibility and is compatible with different types of wall constructions.


Excellent heat and sound insulation, long-term protection. e.g. against insects.


All materials used during the manufacturing process have been certified for their sustainability through lables like Nature Plus and FSC.

PRIX ECO LINE is available in two versions

Rollladenkasten Holz PRIX ÖKO LINE K

ECO LINE as roller shutter box

Closed on the room side for optimum thermal insulation; versatile, flexible integration in a wide variety of installation situations with and without installation level

Raffstorekasten Holz PRIX ÖKO LINE K

ECO LINE as external venetian blind box

Generously dimensioned external venetian blind shaft despite small external dimensions; available as front-mounted or built-in box

Your advantages with ECO LINE roller shutter box

Wide range of equipments and variants:

Roller shutter box / external venetian blind box available as

ECO LINE: Making roller shutter boxes environmentally friendly

PRIX - your most trusted expert in roller shutter boxes

Prix has developed ECO LINE roller shutter box / external venetian blind box to make it suitable especially for timber houses constructions. All components are made from renewable resources. To make this possible, PRIX combines the proven sandwich construction method of bio-fiber boards with an insulation made of soft wood fiber.

As a result, the whole shutter box is made of eco-friendly material, making it suitable for wooden, brick and solid buildings.

Modernes Holzhaus mit PRIX ÖKO LINE Rollladenkasten

It‘s finally here. ECO LINE is a roller shutter box / external venetian blind box that comes with the latest standard for

wood based materials. ECO LINE has been produced in line

with all ecological standards and requirements for timber house construction and conventional building projects.


Who uses the PRIX ECO LINE?

OEKO LINE Kunde Holzhausbauer

Master Carpenter / timber house builder

"We absolutely love PRIX ECO LINE. It‘s our favorite roller shutter box to built in because it's made of wood, just like our houses."

ÖKO LINE Kunde Architekt Planer

Planners / Architects

"A perfect overall concept needs good planning. My team is excited about the PRIX ECO LINE roller shutter box!"

ÖKO LINE Kunde Fensterbauer

Window construction

"I don’t have my head in the clouds. With the PRIX ECO LINE, I'm sure to wow my customers."

ÖKO LINE Kunde Baustoffhandel

Building materials trade

As a sales man I need to think outside the box.Wood is the fuel of our future! My customers are totally in love with the PRIX ECO LINE roller shutter box."

ÖKO LINE: PRIX Raffstorekasten aus Holz

Ready for the new ECO LINE?

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